A clothing brand founded by two parents touched by autism.

To believe is to be patient when you’re running out of time.

The above statement truly resonates with Lucy and Bogdan’s personal story of hope for their own son, who was affected by the disorder very early on. Having studied graphic design and gravitated towards the field of advertising, they decided to dive head first into creating a clothing line that would allow them to help further spread the message of hope for autism.


In the last two decades the road to recovering children with autism has been paved by brave innovators. It’s those who, against all odds, continued to push the boundaries of conventional belief that there is no hope of rehabilitating children on the spectrum. And with no tolerance for ignorance, many have succeeded.

Part of Hopehanger’s mission is an ongoing donation of 2$/t-shirt sold going towards funding costly interventions for families with a child diagnosed with autism.


With an inevitable increase in ASD diagnosis there is a real need to address this so called “epidemic”. Hopehanger’s mission is to shed a bright light on those who are standing at the front lines of this daily struggle and who continue to believe that they can make a difference.

Scientific research, holistic approaches, play therapies are a few of many tools parents, researches and educators equip themselves to better undertand this increasing disorder. Hope, however, is the driving force that enables us all to persevere.


We can’t reinvent the T-Shirt but perhaps we can wear it differently. Made of 100% Pure Hope for autism, our t-shirts lend a voice to the many who still believe in recovery.

Through various original citations, Hopehanger not only focuses on raising spirits around a true hope for recovery but also thrives to break down stigmas plaguing the very lives of these magical children. It transcends a strong desire to promote those who are making a change to better our children’s lives, thus giving hope to parents who believe have lost it.


From our live’s journey

Hang on to hope even by a thread and you’ll reknit your life back together.